Holiday Politics 101: How to enjoy family time – drama free!

  2017 is coming to a close and the holiday season is upon us. For many of us, the holidays mean “family time” ….  And those words can have the power to fill us with excitement and joy — or… Continue Reading →

Meditation & How to Gain Control

While you may be uncomfortable with the concept at first, I’d like to ask you to suspend your disbelief or distaste for it and just give it a shot. This is a common theme in several of the best selling… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Get ZENd!

Breathe, Relax and Enjoy simple guided tracks to release stress, get into performance zone or get ready for a deep relaxing sleep. Using music that enhances brainwave frequency, the Get ZENd app helps you unplug, kick start your day, find… Continue Reading →

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