#Happy!   My first book is available now.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.  Here’s the official announcement. ~ Zahra 

Train Your Brain For Bliss With Best Selling Author and Success Coach Zahra Karsan’s 30-Day Action Plan


Happiness is one of our most cherished life goals, yet it is a subject we were never taught in school.

Author and success coach Zahra Karsan believes happiness is a healthy habit that can be learned. In her new book, “HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR HAPPY? How To Unlock What You Need So You Can Be Happier,” Karsan shares a 30-day action plan for a more energized, vibrant and fulfilled life.

An expert in NLP and Success Coaching, Karsan draws on years of experience helping executives, entrepreneurs and busy parents in the pursuit of success and more joyful living. Karsan found that while almost all of her clients craved happiness, the majority had a hard time finding practical tools that created a lasting feeling of joy and fulfillment.

Karsan, who is also developer of the relaxation app, GetZENd, said: “We are all wired to stay in our comfort zone — and yet it only takes small changes to make a huge, positive impact. Like the GetZENd app, The book combines my best tips and proven techniques to reduce the stress in your life and give you more of what you want. Commit to this fun, easy plan for just 30 days, and you will rewire your mind for happiness and success.”


“Love the practicality of Zahra’s insights. From being grateful to forgiving and setting intentions and goals. I found in this book so much wisdom and very practical tools to improve our lives. Now.” Luis Gallardo, Founder, beLEGACY and the World Happiness Summit; Best-selling Author of Brands & Rousers (http://www.Gallardo.world)

“Being a formerly depressed person I have read countless books on happiness and even wrote my own, yet I learned a number of transformative perspectives and processes from this intelligent and refreshing book. It is free of fluff and full of sound knowledge and wisdom, expressed with deep love and compassion for the reader.”
Marcus Geier, Strategic Business Coach, Speaker and Author, The Metaphysical Philanthropist (http://www.metaphys.guru)

Download the e-Book HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR HAPPY? on Amazon.com at the following link: http://a.co/e5GDtTB