You know this feeling… you wake up….something just feels off. You have some things you need to accomplish and yet, your nerves are working you over, you feel charged but not in a good way. Your feet feel as though your feet are steeped in concrete and you just can’t see how to move forward.

Don’t get me wrong… just because I have some things figured out, it doesn’t mean I don’t also get this feeling…. some days I still feel this way. You want your brain to be firing, you want your body to be moving and everything feels like it’s moving in slow motion…. like you’re swimming through molasses.

Well, the first thing to do is notice it. Just stop. Take a moment to breathe. There is nothing good that can be created from this space and no big decisions should be made in this place. Get on with the necessary tasks at hand, because life doesn’t stop, but when you have a moment to pause… take it.

Ask yourself, what’s happening here? is it nerves? is it fear? what is feeling off? Look at each area of your life – love, work, career, family, friends, physical health and fitness, spirit, goals… Ask yourself what are you working on that is out of alignment with where you want to be. If you’ve done a great job of aligning yourself with your needs and your goals, then ask yourself what is coming up for you that’s causing this stuck feeling.

For most people, it’s usually fear or stress of not hitting the goal we set for ourselves. It usually has something to do with lack of trust that there is enough time, enough money or enough skill to accomplish what we need to do.

Taking 15 minutes to sit still and look within can unlock the door you need so you can walk through with confidence and trust that all will come to fruition. Try the following to get unstuck.

1. Sit in silence and take 3 deep breaths. With every inhale, take in courage and trust. With every exhale, let go of doubt and fear.

2. Remind yourself that Life is happening For You, not To You.

3. Think of the Abundance of Time – know that just by prioritizing, there is more than enough time to finish everything you need to do.

4. Focus on the Abundance of Money – know that there is more than enough coming your way.

5. Finally, imagine yourself sitting in peace and allow yourself to Trust that all the pieces you need will come together easily and effortlessly.