Last Friday, March 16th, 2018, I had the immense pleasure of being interviewed by Lisa McDonald on her radio and podcast show, Living Fearlessly.

Lisa is an extraordinary woman and host – she truly is a force! I love her fierce commitment to her cause – uplifting people so they can fear less and live more!


Fierce and fearless! Host Lisa McDonald and Zahra

We began our 55-minute interview and Lisa asked what began my journey and how did I get started down this path?

I shared with Lisa that I was born in South Africa, as a non-white person, during Apartheid.

I told her that I had suffered through humiliation and discrimination at a very young age and it caused me to feel not good enough. While my situation was certainly more extreme than most, I’ve discovered through my 26 years of research that WE ALL FEEL, in some way, THAT WE ARE NOT ENOUGH.

Well…. that was simply not ok with me. I refused to live a life where that could be true, and I refused to accept a life where these flawed beliefs would limit me. I set out to study the human condition, so that I could uncover precisely how to move past limited thinking for myself, and then to share the exciting method that eventually freed me from my “past programming” with others.

We discussed the idea that massive action alone is not the key to success.

I say that no amount of massive action alone can ever make up for a lack of alignment between our intention and our feelings about it. In other words, your thoughts and feelings need to be fully aligned with your intentions or goals so that they can be realized.

We then dropped into a discussion about THOUGHT AS ENERGY. I shared with Lisa and the listeners that there is exciting new research to show that Focused Thought, coupled with FEELING can produce real physical change! In other words, if we know how to do this in the right way, and you are able to focus your thoughts and produce an elevated positive emotion while you do it, then you can cause a real physical change in yourself and the world around you. This puts a whole new scientific spin on the practice of visualization, positive thinking or affirmations! It’s not just fluff at all – this stuff really works – and we now have evidence that proves it.

If you are ready for real change in your life…. then tune into the replay and listen to the show here.

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Here’s to your journey!